Hello & Welcome

My name is Kadie and I am the founder of Smashing Spoons.

My small business started with a personal passion to create a bespoke wooden spoon for my sons 1st birthday cake smash, the photographer loved it so much she asked me to create eight for her, and from that Smashing Spoons was born.

In the first year of opening my business I have gone from 0 to 4k+ followers on Instagram, the product range rapidly grew too, from spoons to peg dolls to wooden cars and so on, you name a wooden item, I can paint it! 

I am a one woman band, and run the business from home around my part time job and being a mum, everything from order taking, sketching, painting, packing and posting is done by me, and me alone.

My aim is to provide my customers with a wide and varied selection of styles and themes, perfect for completing their vision. I strives to give my customers all of the options to let their creativity run wild. 

I create items that not only serve an initial purpose for special events like birthdays and cake smashes but can be played with and then kept in your keepsake box for years to come.
My biggest fans are; 

• My mum. She named the business 

• My partner. He gives me the best positive criticism 

• My little boy. He likes to product test everything, especially the cars!